Dadubhai's righteous spirit was also displayed in his youth. At the age of 10, while playing with his friends outside, Dadubhai often noticed a peddler selling bangles and bracelets to the village women. Dadubhai, who loved and respected his mother and sister dearly, noticed that the seller treated the women negatively. He thus set out to teach him a lesson. Sneaking up behind the seller, he jumped up, and knocked the basket of bangles to the ground. He then threw rocks at the seller and told him to treat women with respect!

When Dadubhai and his friends once set out to play cricket, the opposing team demanded that they get to choose who gets to bat first. To settle the disagreement, it was decided to do a coin toss. When the opposing team lost the coin toss, they still refused to give in. At the time, Dadubhai, who was the captain of the team, asked his friends to quit the game instead of playing with unfair terms. He commented, "To support the truth, one should be ready to give up one's position, and if necessary, even one's own life." When the opposing team's captain began running toward Dadubhai with a bat, young Dadubhai courageously took stance with a stump in his hand, and reasoned with everyone to come to a peaceful agreement.

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