Diwaliben had much faith in Shastriji Maharaj, and encouraged Dadubhai and Babubhai to help Shastriji Maharaj's mission. Dadubhai was greatly moved witnessing the hardship that Shastriji Maharaj underwent. He was determined to help raise money in support of the construction work for the Akshar-Purushottam temples. Dada (Dadubhai's maternal grandfather) dealt in finances and had many contacts with moneylenders. Since, on many occasions, he had sent Dadubhai to collect money from them, Dadubhai's face had become familiar. Using this, Dadubhai went to the moneylenders and informed them that his grandfather required a certain amount of money. After collecting as much money as he could, Dadubhai went straight to Shastriji Maharaj and offered the money saying, "My grandfather gives this as donation for the temple." Smilingly, Shastriji Maharaj replied, "I know that your grandfather would never donate this much money. Where did you really get it from?" Dadubhai then revealed that he borrowed the money from his grandfather's moneylenders. This was just the beginning of Dadubhai's resolve to fulfill any wish of his spiritual master!

Back in Anand, Dr. Nathabhai had started building a 3-story hospital on a leased property against the collateral of their home in Karamsad. But the business suffered because he was misled by the property owner, and also because he could not tend to the business properly since he began losing his eyesight due to glaucoma. Unfortunately, when Dadubhai was 12, Dr. Nathabhai lost his eyesight completely. As a result, he could not work and family debts started accumulating. Thus, along with witnessing Shastriji Maharaj's hardships, Dadubhai saw a change in the family's prosperity. He was determined to obtain a top education and earn money so that financial problems were relieved.

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