On May 7, 1935, at the age of 16, Dadubhai was married to Lalitaben of Nadiad. The family decided upon the marriage because the dowry would help offset some of the debt. (Lalitaben had very delicate health and mainly remained in Nadiad until Dadubhai settled in Mumbai.) Soon after, Shastriji Maharaj visited Nadiad with senior saints. When Dadubhai came to receive them, Shastriji Maharaj asked Dadubhai to remove his shoes and walk with Thakorji (the personal moorti of Lord Swaminarayan that saints carry) in his hands while loudly chanting SwamiNarayan. In this condition, in the midst of all of the saints, Shastriji Maharaj made Dadubhai walk along the street that his father-in-law and wife lived, and then across the town market. All the while, Shastriji Maharaj repeated, "Loudly chant SwamiNarayan." In the divine play of the master and disciple, Dadubhai showed that he belonged to Shastriji Maharaj and not any part of the world.

Chunibhai, who lived in Mombasa (located in the country of Kenya, a city in the east coast of Africa), visited India that same year. As he was exceptional in his studies, Babubhai insisted that Dadubhai join their half-brother in Mombasa, and complete high school there.

In 1937, Babubhai also set out to Mombasa to begin a teaching career in the same school that Chinubhai was employed.

For many years, Dr. Nathabhai's health was steadily deteriorating. In 1939, when Dadubhai was 21, and Babubhai 23, their father passed away.

In Poona, from Ferguson College, Dadubhai obtained a B.A. with honors.

In 1941, Babubhai visited India and then returned to Africa, while Kamlaben stayed back in Nadiad. (In 1945, she rejoined him in Mombasa.) Babubhai earned a modest living in Mombasa, concurrently sending money to repay the family's debt in India and also to Dadubhai to complete his foreign education.

In London, Dadubhai obtained a B.S. in Economics from the reputed London School of Economics. During the end of his education, the British were in the midst of World War II. As a result, Dadubhai was enlisted in the war, and later transferred to Ceylon (the British name for Sri Lanka ) where he finished his final exam, finally returning to India in 1944.

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