When Dadubhai sought the blessings of Shastriji Maharaj in Sarangpur, Shastriji Maharaj asked Dadubhai what he planned to do now that his studies were completed. Dadubhai answered that he could start a lucrative career if he returned to London - at the time, in London he could earn manyfold compared to what he could earn in India. However, Shastriji Maharaj told Dadubhai to live in Mumbai, work for three years, and then start his own business in "white material." Further, Shastriji Maharaj asked Dadubhai how much money he would like to make in the business. When Dadubhai responded 2 laakh (200 thousand rupees), Shastriji Maharaj blessed Dadubhai that his profit would equal at least 5 laakh in the very first year!

Shastriji Maharaj told Dadubhai that he would immediately get a job. In just a week's time, Dadubhai met an old friend who told him about a manager opening at a fertilizer company owned by Mr. Nanavati. The interviewers were impressed by Dadubhai, but were not willing to give him a higher salary. Thus, Dadubhai mentioned his education abroad, but the chairman responded by saying, "I have gone to London as well." Dadubhai boldly retorted, "A person who works on a boat may visit London many, many times; but it is the quality of one's experience that counts, not the quantity of times visited!" The chairman smiled at his valor and agreed to Dadubhai's requirements. Dadubhai thus settled in Dadar, Mumbai.

In July 1945, Shastriji Maharaj inaugurated the fourth Akshar-Purushottam temple in Atladra.

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