In 1946, Dadubhai received a letter from Nirgun Swamiji,[15] informing him to meet Sonaba, a devoted family from Virsad that lived in the Sonawala Buildings in Tardev. (Sonaba was born in Sarsa on Shravan sud 2, VS 1962 or July 23, 1906.) At the time, Dadubhai's sister, Maniben, also lived in the Sonawala Buildings. (Maniben lived in 6D, while Sonaba lived in an adjacent building in 8C.)

Sonaba was a devout follower of Shastriji Maharaj - her entire life followed his every command. When Shastriji Maharaj arranged her marriage with Tulshibhai Amin, he explained that the marriage would only be for 15 years. When their son, Kantibhai, was 11 years old, Sonaba's husband passed away, also leaving behind two daughters, Taraben and Jyotiben. (Kantibhai, also called Kantikaka, was born in Sarsa on Shravan vad 11 or August 29, 1921.) When Shastriji Maharaj visited Mumbai, he used to stay at her home. She in turn served Shastriji Maharaj with great devotional fervor. (Coincidentally, the family had financed the elaborate doors to the Sarangpur temple.)

Dadubhai admired and respected Sonaba for this firm devotion. When Maniben's husband, Ravjibhai, went to Africa for business, he insisted that Dadubhai and Lalitaben move in with her in Tardev. With a common spiritual goal, Dadubhai's and Kantibhai's families united to form one divine family.

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