Dadubhai went to Nadiad and invited all of his friends and relatives to meet Shastriji Maharaj. Shastriji Maharaj arrived in Nadiad on a horse cart driven by a person named Rasul. There, Shastriji Maharaj argued with Rasul for asking for one aanaa (one-sixteenth of a rupee) more than agreed upon. When Rasul would not budge, Shastriji Maharaj created a commotion in front of all of Dadubhai's friends and relatives. When Dadubhai stepped in and said "Rasul, I will pay," Shastriji Maharaj stopped him and said, "Your money is my money - he does not deserve a penny more!" Finally, when a person to whom Rasul owed money, saw all of this, he ordered Rasul, "Do not to take any money from Shastriji Maharaj." Seeing the ordeal, the townspeople questioned Dadubhai, "What kind of guru have you chosen?" Dadubhai, on the contrary, loved Shastriji Maharaj's style. He saw divinity and grace in all of Shastriji Maharaj's actions, and explained this essence to all that came into his contact. When Rasul finally became quiet, Shastriji Maharaj blessed him, "The next time I come to Nadiad, you will own two carts." And of course in a short time, Shastriji Maharaj's blessings came true!

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