In 1947, a devotee asked Shastriji Maharaj to visit Mumbai and hold a 7-day scriptural reading at the Suryanarayan Hall in Bhuleshwar. After Shastriji Maharaj arrived in Mumbai, the devotee talked about postponing the program. Sonaba thus asked Dadubhai and Kantibhai to pick up the expenses so that the plans would remain intact. Shastriji Maharaj was very pleased, and over 500 devotees attended the reading.

When Dadubhai and Kantibhai met Shastriji Maharaj the next day, Shastriji Maharaj began a divine play. He sorrowfully expressed, "At this old age, why did I think about constructing these temples? See this letter has come - we have to pay 27 thousand rupees (for the Gadhada temple[16]). Where can I get such money?" Dadubhai and Kantibhai immediately interjected that they would get however much money was necessary, even if it meant incurring a debt. With Dadubhai and Kantibhai's devotion, Shastriji Maharaj showed happiness and said, "Both of you give 27 thousand rupees." Dadubhai and Kantibhai did so that very same evening.

Shastriji Maharaj then explained to Dadubhai, "Your father, Dr. Nathabhai, asked me once, 'Do great saints have all the powers of God?' When I said, 'Yes,' Dr. Nathabhai replied, 'How can we know this?' So I said, 'If one person gives money for the Gadhada temple, then believe it's God's power.'" Grabbing Dadubhai's hair, Shastriji Maharaj exclaimed, "That person is you!" To this, Dadubhai replied, "I am not doing anything, I am just giving you what is already yours." Shastriji Maharaj smilingly then said, "I will stay one more day - give 16 thousand more now, and 4 thousand later for the golden thrones of the Akshar-Purushottam moortis."

Shastriji Maharaj then placed his hands on both the heads of Dadubhai and Kantibhai and bringing them together, he said, "From today, you are divine brothers. Do not separate, under any circumstances. You will bring spirituality to the world." He then called Yogi Bapa and asked him to bless the pair as well.

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