Dadubhai learned all about the fertilizer industry after working in Mr. Nanavati's company for three years. Shastriji Maharaj then told Dadubhai to start his own business, keeping Kantibhai as a partner. (After Kantibhai incurred a debt in an unsuccessful paint factory venture, Sonaba prayed to Shastriji Maharaj that he get an elder brother to guide him through the difficult times - in this way, Shastriji Maharaj also satisfied Sonaba's prayer for a brother to look after her son.) Along with a friend who worked with him at Mr. Nanavati's company, Mr. Ranade, Dadubhai established the Agri-Orient Industries, and contended to gain a government contract to import fertilizer bags through Mumbai. Many companies fought for the contract which required an established line of credit with a deposit of 50 thousand rupees. Dadubhai borrowed money from friends and relatives hoping to win what would be a very lucrative agreement.

During this time, the Gadhada temple project was going on. When Shastriji Maharaj came to Mumbai in 1949, he stayed at Kantibhai's home for several days. After explaining Vachanamrut Loya 3 for over six hours, Shastriji Maharaj asked Dadubhai how much he could donate. Dadubhai answered 15 thousand rupees. Shastriji Maharaj however replied, "You are the only one I can bank on. Reverse the numbers and give me 51 thousand rupees." Dadubhai agreed and gave the money he had borrowed for the line of credit! Shastriji Maharaj was so pleased with Dadubhai, he said, "Just as Lord Vishnu was won over by King Bali, I am won over by you. Ask for whatever you wish. I am very pleased with you." Shastriji Maharaj, who had divinely acted as the recipient, showed that he was capable of giving anything a devotee desired. Dadubhai expressed he did not desire anything of this world, but Shastriji Maharaj insisted he ask for something. Thus Dadubhai said, "Just as you anointed sandalwood paste on your master Bhagatji Maharaj, and he embraced you and blessed you, please allow me to anoint you with sandalwood paste." (Images of God are typically anointed with sandalwood paste in the summertime - devotees do this with the prayer to have coolness or peace within.) Shastriji Maharaj happily agreed, and the next day Dadubhai and Kantibhai's families came to Nandaji's[17] bungalow with three pots of sandalwood paste. Dadubhai anointed the paste on Shastriji Maharaj's body. Shastriji Maharaj then embraced Dadubhai, Kantibhai, and Chhaganbhai. Shastriji Maharaj blessed Dadubhai, "God will forever reside in you. The business will earn in millions. You will be the savior for all in need." Shastriji Maharaj then commanded, "Know that I am Yogi [Bapa], and Yogi is me." Yogi Bapa exclaimed, "Dadubhai, you are brahmaroopa (totally purified and liberated)!"

Despite not having placed the required deposit, with Shastriji Maharaj's blessings, Dadubhai went to gain the government contract. On the elevator to the office where he was to present Agri-Orient Industries, he met Mr. Nanavati, who laughed at Dadubhai's attempt to compete with him. Dadubhai confidently replied that everything was under the control of his guru. In the meeting, Dadubhai convinced the contract officer to give him the contract without the line of credit. Profits from the first year of business alone equaled 7 laakh or 0.7 million rupees! The business successfully expanded gaining 27 warehouses and a staff of 350.

When Dadubhai was little, along with his father, he traveled with Shastriji Maharaj on a bullock cart from Sarangpur to Botad. The journey was so rough, Shastriji Maharaj held onto Dadubhai to keep from falling. Dadubhai was brought to tears seeing the hardship his guru had to undergo. At that time he had promised himself that he would one day buy a car for his guru to travel in comfortably. True to his promise, one of the first things Dadubhai did was buy a car for Shastriji Maharaj. In this way, Dadubhai earned in millions, but donated everything for Shastriji Maharaj's cause. He became known as "the wealthy businessman from Mumbai who gave everything to his guru." For example, in 1949, Shastriji Maharaj's birthday was celebrated in Atladra with a Suvarna Tula (weighing with gold). Dadubhai and Kantibhai donated hundreds of thousands of rupees and insisted that Shastriji Maharaj be viewed as a divine saint.

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