Shastriji Maharaj asked Dadubhai to employ many devotees who did not have jobs in the Agri-Orient business. Even if employees were not necessary, Dadubhai would hire anyone Shastriji Maharaj commanded. Dadubhai also had to do much traveling and once, when he returned from a short trip to Delhi, he found that 7 laakh rupees had been misappropriated to a false account. Dadubhai immediately knew who might be responsible for this,[18] but did not say anything. When Dadubhai went to see Shastriji Maharaj at Nandaji's bungalow, Shastriji Maharaj was resting in an inside room but Yogi Bapa met Dadubhai and took him to a window overlooking the (Arabian) sea. Yogi Bapa asked Dadubhai, "What do you see?" Dadubhai replied, "I see the ocean." Yogi Bapa said, "Do you not see Shastriji Maharaj? In the land, air, and sea, there is only one governing power - our master Shastriji Maharaj. Then in devotees, don't you believe that Shastriji Maharaj is the governing power? I understand [what happened] Dadubhai. But don't see his fault. Do not charge him. Keep a vision of divinity." Dadubhai agreed and followed Yogi Bapa's command. Wholly pleased, Yogi Bapa said, "With your faith in Shastriji Maharaj, when you go to London you will gain a big order and this loss will be recovered." From that day forward, Dadubhai made up his mind that he would never see faults in any devotee. As a result of this, Yogi Bapa exclaimed, "Dadubhai, you are nirdoshbuddhi naa raajaa (the master of divinity)!" and embraced him.

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