Diagnosed with throat cancer, in early 1950, Nirgun Swamiji fell very ill in Mumbai. On February 11, 1950, Shastriji Maharaj also arrived in Mumbai. Both stayed at Nandaji's bungalow. Shastriji Maharaj instructed Nirgun Swamiji to be taken to Pena (some miles south of Mumbai) for ayurvedic treatment, and then he headed for Gujarat. Shastriji Maharaj asked Kantibhai to take care of Nirgun Swamiji.

From Atladra, Shastriji Maharaj came to Sarangpur in April 1950, where he talked about Yogi Bapa's glory. He then came to Ahmedabad in May. He sent a letter to Dadubhai to especially come. And on May 21 in Amli Vali Pol (old temple location in Ahmedabad, which served as a headquarters),[20] Shastriji Maharaj appointed 28-year old Narayanswaroopdasji as the president[21] of the group. Shastriji Maharaj expressed that though Narayanswaroopdasji was young, he was very bright and capable, and should remain under Yogi Bapa's command.

Nirgun Swamiji had been brought to Anand because the treatment in Pena was not successful. On May 30, after offering his services to the Akshar-Purushottam cause, Nirgun Swamiji passed away.

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