In 1950, Kakaji went on a steamer boat (the SS Kampala ) from Mumbai to Mombasa to meet Babubhai and tell him about Shastriji Maharaj's greatness. After a weeks stay, Dadubhai went with his brother-in-law Ravjibhai to Rhodesia, Zimbabwe in Africa, and then continued with his European business travels. During this time, while physically separate from Shastriji Maharaj, Dadubhai maintained a constant communion with his master. Dadubhai was once on a flight leaving from Brussels to Paris,[22] and just as the plane was about to take off, he had a vision of Shastriji Maharaj urging him to leave the plane at once. Despite already being on the runway, Dadubhai urged the pilot that everyone should leave the plane at once. He explained that his guru was giving him a premonition that the plane was in danger. As soon as everyone got off, the plane caught on fire because of a gas leak in the fuel pipe leading to the engine. When the passengers rejoiced, "Dadubhai is our savior," he took out a photo of Shastriji Maharaj and explained to them, "My guru inspired me to get off the plane."

Similarly, Kakaji attended an All Religions Conference in Zurich, Switzerland and talked about Shastriji Maharaj and the glory of the Hindu faith. Nandaji was the president of the Bharat Sadhu Samaj (Society of Indian Saints), and was invited to attend as a representative of the Hindu faith. He thus asked his good friend, Dadubhai to attend on his behalf. Many representatives talked about sending missionaries to India to free the people of its "backward religion." Hearing this Dadubhai interjected, "You do not have to send missionaries, but students, to India if you want to spiritually progress also." One representative remarked, "If God is manifest in India, prove it!" Dadubhai remembered Shastriji Maharaj and said, "My guru says there are two representatives that are thinking about wanting to smoke, and three of you are thinking about plans to attend a party afterwards." Moved by his words, the representatives that did in fact have such thoughts came forward and applauded Dadubhai's faith.

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