For the business, Dadubhai traveled throughout Europe many times. While staying at the Savoy Hotel in London in 1951, Dadubhai met Mr. Philips (of today's large, international corporation). By chance, Dadubhai met Mr. Philips in a park and during their conversation, explained to him the importance of friendship. Mr. Philips remembered a moment from his own history in which he gained the help of a friend. He was so deeply touched by Dadubhai's words that he invited Dadubhai to his home. There, Dadubhai talked about the purpose of his visit to London: to acquire licenses to import fertilizers to India. Mr. Philips contacted some people and handed over India distribution rights of farming chemicals to Dadubhai at no cost. Mr. Philips's business colleagues were astonished at the decision but Mr. Philips explained that Dadubhai was a great man, and had imparted the essential truth that, "friends are our greatest asset."

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