In a letter dated April 6, 1951 from London (Patra Sanjivani letter number 2), Dadubhai wrote to Babubhai in Africa, displaying his love and faith for Shastriji Maharaj. Dadubhai wrote:

"The ephemeral life of Europe does not affect me at all. I want eternal bliss and peace. For that, I have one guide - Yagnapurushdasji (Shastriji Maharaj). And with his shelter, I will fight against the strength of this world and beyond. And one day I will amaze everyone. But do not worry - I will not put you in loss. I am a worker that works day and night. I like to work because of the good impressions that our father gave us. Without fearing anyone, except my guru, I do not need the strength of anyone in this world. I want the eternal divine. In the world beyond, I am not even scared of demigods - then what of this world? Thus, keeping patience, do not worry about me.

This world is false. Because our senses cannot see Akshardham, we only assume how it is. [With Einstein's theory] Cambridge professors have proved that Newton's theories are wrong when it comes to the universe...and God. Similarly, after some time, today's theories will also be wrong. Then what is right? How can we base our lives on these theories? I do not want limited light. I want to see the total light of Akshardham, and be capable of it. Then whatever happens is true. In that experience is real happiness and bliss. Thus, patiently keep blessing me."

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