Back in India, on May 8, 1951, Shastriji Maharaj bathed and worshiped the moortis for the Gadhada temple. He said Yogi Bapa would enshrine the moortis, and returned to Sarangpur, where he passed away on May 10. (Yogi Bapa who was in Mumbai at the time, thus came to Sarangpur.) Shastriji Maharaj wrote a letter to Dadubhai just a few days prior to this to attend the installation ceremony at Gadhada on May 16. A great sadness overwhelmed Dadubhai on his last days abroad; but he learned about Shastriji Maharaj's passing away only after returning to India. Hearing the news, Dadubhai went straight to Gadhada and met with Yogi Bapa.

Yogi Bapa then asked Dadubhai, "Will you help me?" Dadubhai replied, "Please, dear master, you only have to command me." As originally planned by Shastriji Maharaj, on May 16, Yogi Bapa continued with the installation ceremony of the fifth Akshar-Purushottam temple. In Sarangpur, Yogi Bapa and Kakaji constructed a beautiful marble memorial shrine for their beloved guru Shastriji Maharaj (consecrated on March 12, 1952).

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