After the election, Dadubhai went to Ahmedabad, where Yogi Bapa and Nandaji were. They all then went to Atladra to celebrate Vasant Panchmi, Shikshapatridin and Shastriji Maharaj's birthday. There, Yogi Bapa rejoiced that Dadubhai had greatly pleased Shastriji Maharaj and in front of the moorti of Harikrishna Maharaj said, "Dadubhai, I want to show you Lord Swaminarayan of Akshardham." Yogi Bapa gave him some almonds saying that they were specially charged to induce a samaadhi (divine trance). Dadubhai however shared the almonds with fellow devotees[23]. The next morning, Yogi Bapa smilingly said that this time Dadubhai should eat the almonds all by himself. Dadubhai again insisted on sharing. The following morning, Yogi Bapa again asked Dadubhai to eat the almonds all by himself. He ensured Dadubhai, "The others will also experience the bliss of Akshardham."

From Atladra, Yogi Bapa and Dadubhai went to the Gondal temple. The next several days, Dadubhai was to wake up early and take a bath at the Gondali River, fast taking milk only in the morning and evening time, constantly read the Vachanamrut, and do over 500 pradikshanas of Akshar Deri. In the morning mahaapooja, Yogi Bapa would talk about the various types of samaadhis and continue to give almonds to Dadubhai. On February 3, 1952, by Yogi Bapa's grace, after the aarti, an immense flood of light originating in the image of Ghanshyam Maharaj consumed Dadubhai. Dadubhai fell unconscious in front of the temple, and remained in samaadhi for the next three days. Yogi Bapa asked devotees[24] to rest Dadubhai's body comfortably, and then take the body to the hall area. Dadubhai's soul traveled along with Yogi Bapa across the various heavens, culminating in the vision of Lord Swaminarayan in Akshardham.

Dadubhai's saakshaatkaar samaadhi changed the direction of the movement.[25] When Dadubhai awoke from the saakshaatkaar samaadhi, he remained in an ecstatic nature. He left all worldly activities, talked for hours at a time, and displayed immense powers. He began revealing to fellow devotees that Yogi Bapa was a brahmasvaroopa or gunaateeta saint in whom God resided.

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