News quickly spread throughout the divine fellowship about Dadubhai's samaadhi. Yogi Bapa's elder brother, Kamalshibhai, made Dadubhai eat half a sweet, and ate the rest considering it to have been sanctified. Dadubhai's business partners such as Mr. Ranade believed Dadubhai had a mental breakdown. Sonaba, Maniben, and others witnessed Shastriji Maharaj in Dadubhai. And Chhaganbhai and devotees, began calling Dadubhai, "Chota Yogi" or "Junior Yogi Bapa." Dadubhai contained vast powers, including being able to omnisciently see the past, present, and future. Chhaganbhai accounted several such occasions. Once when Nandaji was coming by train to Gondal to see Yogi Bapa, Chhaganbhai and Harshadbhai went to the Rajkot station to receive him. Dadubhai told them, "The train will come 3 hours late." Kakaji's words were revealed when they arrived at the Rajkot station. Some time later, Chhaganbhai received a call saying his daughter was hurt after having fallen down. At the time, it was hard to immediately get a hold of people by phone. Seeing Chhaganbhai's distressed face, Dadubhai said, "Do not worry. Your daughter is all right. She has no fractures. Right now she is standing on the terrace and is wearing a yellow dress." When a call finally reached Chhaganbhai, everything that Dadubhai had said was revealed as true.

The message crossed the seas, and soon Babubhai heard about his brothers ecstatic state. He came to Mumbai in April 1952. And soon, Babubhai also experienced a realization of Lord Swaminarayan's glory and Yogi Bapa's divinity. Babubhai decided not to return to Africa when Yogi Bapa told him to become a partner in Agri-Orient Industries and take over the family responsibilities. In December, Babubhai asked his son, Rameshbhai,[28] who was back in Mombasa with Chunibhai, to also come to Mumbai. Devotees poured into Tardev, and along with Rameshbhai, everyone began calling Dadubhai, "Kakaji" (respectful name for "uncle") and Babubhai, "Papaji" (respectful name for "father").

Kakaji arranged seminars at various places, reverberating Yogi Bapa's glory. For example, at the time, a verse on Yogi Bapa was not recited during prayers - so Kakaji instructed Bhagvadrai Dave to write one. When Kakaji recited it in front of everyone, Yogi Bapa said, "These qualities describe Shastriji Maharaj." But Kakaji encouraged everyone to also sing the glory of Yogi Bapa.

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