In January 1954, per Yogi Bapa's command, Kakaji went on the first spiritual tour to Africa. Accompanied by Chhaganbhai, in a period of about three months, Kakaji visited devotees throughout today's Kenya and Uganda. Many had faith in Shastriji Maharaj, but had not yet developed a similar faith in Yogi Bapa. (Shastriji Maharaj had blessed Harmanbhai, a railway official in East Africa, in 1928 and again in 1932 to return to Africa to spread satsang. In 1945, moortis sanctified by Shastriji Maharaj were enshrined in a small hari mandir in Nairobi, Kenya.) Yogi Bapa was still considered an ordinary saint - for example, Kakaji saw that most of the families did not even have a photo of Yogi Bapa in their homes.[29] Thus wherever Kakaji went, he talked about the glory of Yogi Bapa. With the faith that Kakaji stirred amid devotees, Yogi Bapa was now enthusiastically called to grace Africa.[30] From April 13 to October 20, 1955, Yogi Bapa made his first trip outside India spreading loving devotion amongst devotees. He enshrined the image of Akshar-Purushottam Maharaj at a temple in Mombasa, Kenya on April 25 and established a memorial shrine in remembrance of Maganbhai. (A friend and railway official superior of Harmanbhai, Maganbhai became a staunch devotee of Shastriji Maharaj as well. He played an active role in spreading the faith in East Africa. Kakaji and Papaji had kept a special scriptural reading in his remembrance in Mumbai.)

After Yogi Bapa returned to India, a grand welcome-back ceremony was held in Mumbai and then in Vadodara. Yogi Bapa asked Kakaji to come to Vadodara where a big procession was organized. There were two decorated elephants, one for Yogi Bapa and another for Mota Swami and saints to sit on. At the time, Manibhai insisted that Kakaji also sit on top. Kakaji however maintained, "I have not gone with Yogi Bapa to Africa so why should I sit on top?" Manibhai replied, "You went last year and glorified Yogi Bapa's name and prepared all the devotees. Since then, it was my wish that you are welcomed in a procession. I see you as Yogi Bapa's shadow." When Kakaji accepted Manibhai's devotion, many showed disfavor that Kakaji was allowed to sit along with saints. History was repeating itself - similar to Gopalanand Swami,[31] Bhagatji Maharaj, Jaga Swami,[32] Shastriji Maharaj, and other divine saints of the past, Kakaji began facing opposition.

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