Per Yogi Bapa's wish, on September 26, 1959, Kakaji along with G.K. Swamiji and Arunbhai Dave (Ishvarcharan Swamiji) headed to Africa from Mumbai on a steamer boat. During his stay abroad, Kakaji spread the glory of Lord Swaminarayan and Yogi Bapa. (Vakil Swamiji, who went earlier, was not able to sing the true glory of Yogi Bapa.) Kakaji bravely ventured to Southern Africa as well. Yogi Bapa asked Rameshbhai (Aksharvihari Swamiji) to later join Kakaji too.

On October 24, Yogi Bapa, Pramukh Swamiji, Balmukund Swamiji, Sant Swamiji, and Vinu Bhagat (Mahant Swamiji) came to Africa. By staying there for many months, satsanga was instilled in the hearts of devotees and temples were established in Uganda, East Africa (Kampala, Tororo, and Jinja). On June 17, 1960, Yogi Bapa returned to India.

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