After Kakaji's saakshaatkaar samaadhi, Yogi Bapa expressed a desire to create 51 young educated saints. Kakaji completely devoted himself to fulfill this mission. Yogi Bapa asked Kakaji to visit places throughout Gujarat, and many youth centers formed.[35] Youths from all walks of life were attracted by Yogi Bapa's divine love. But the new wave was not void of resistance. When parents and devotees alike questioned Yogi Bapa's insistence to form the group of young saints, Kakaji was there to swallow the negativity and opposition. Often, Yogi Bapa would even say, "It is not me, but Dadubhai, that wants to make all these saints!" Kakaji would then explain to all that under Yogi Bapa's shelter, their children would gain the highest position in the universe, that of sainthood. He would solve the families' difficulties and gain their consent. At the same time, Kakaji gave inspiring discourses and love to the youth that decided to tread the saintly path.

On May 10, 1961 (during Yogi Bapa's 70th birthday celebration and the Gadhada temple kalash-vidhi or ceremony of fitting the temple spires with golden pinnacles) 51 young educated saints took initiation. Among these were Aksharvihari Swamiji, Mukundjivan Swamiji,[36] Purushottamcharan Swamiji,[37] Keshavjivandas Swamiji,[38] Svayamprakash Swamiji,[39] and other divine saints. At the time, Prabhudasbhai,[40] a leading youth, also expressed a desire to take initiation. Yogi Bapa applauded his admiration for Kakaji, and planned for him to become a saint four years later.

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