As part of the youth movement, early on, Yogi Bapa asked Kakaji to visit Vidyanagar.[41] Kakaji stayed at Vidyanagar and mixed with the fellow students to instill Lord Swaminarayan and Yogi Bapa's glory. The youth cleared one of their hostel rooms to create a temple and a place for Kakaji to stay. Soon, even the Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. R.D. Patel, was swept away by the divine spirit of the group! Under the guidance of Jashbhai Patel,[42] many youth, including Ashwinbhai, Shantibhai, Ratibhai, Sanandbhai, V.S., Harshadbhai, Poonambhai, Rameshbhai, and Vithaldas expressed an eagerness to become saints. Putting Jashbhai Saheb's hand in Kakaji's hand at Radhu (a small town in the district of Kheda), Yogi Bapa charted a new spiritual horizon for the group. Per Yogi Bapa's instructions, Kakaji took up a one-year project to build a hostel for the college-bound children of devotees, named AksharPurushottam Chatralay.[43] After much effort, Yogi Bapa inaugurated the hostel on June 20, 1965.

From the time of Lord Swaminarayan, many women lived unmarried, dedicated lives. For example, Dada Khachar's sisters, Jivuba and Laduba broke all social ties, and remained dedicated only to Lord Swaminarayan. Such was the devotion of Jamkuba of Macchiaav, Laadhibai of Bhuj, Rambai of Jetpur, Raajbai of Vaankia, Adiba of Panchala, amongst many others. In the AksharPurushottam branch, by great devotion to Yogi Bapa, many female devotees also expressed to live such dedicated lives. After 1952, when Papaji and Kakaji asked Yogi Bapa about Taraben and Jyotiben's marriage, knowing the sisters' devotional state, Yogi Bapa replied, "What if they remain unwed?" Many more daughters of faithful families of the satsanga continued to show an eagerness to live a life dedicated to God. Just as devoted families offered their sons for the satsanga, the parents of daughters had faith in Yogi Bapa, and happily allowed them to live dedicated lives.[44]

After 51 young educated saints were initiated in 1961, Yogi Bapa told Kakaji and Papaji his desire to see 51 dedicated women. In 1963, in Shastriji Maharaj's room, Yogi Bapa asked Kakaji and Papaji to create an establishment in Vidyanagar where women could separately and independently worship God. (Yogi Bapa had always emphasized the Gondal temple. Thus Kakaji and Papaji suggested that a women's establishment in Gondal could aptly support the group's spiritual activities. Yogi Bapa, however, asked the two brothers to build the establishment on their own plots in Vidyanagar. At the time, Kakaji urged Papaji to be the president of the trust for the plots. Under Kakaji's instructions, Jashbhai Saheb, Virendrabhai Patel, Ratibhai Patel, Kanjibhai Patel, and other dedicated brothers from Vidyanagar and Manavadar looked after its construction.) On June 21, 1965, Yogi Bapa conducted the foundation ceremony at Vidyanagar. When he visited again, while sprinkling flowers in all the rooms, seeing the size of the kitchen, Yogi Bapa remarked, "Very soon this kitchen will be too small to accommodate all the dedicated women!"

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