Kakaji's life strikingly parallels the life of Bhagatji Maharaj (1829-1897), a choicest disciple of Gunatitanand Swami. Bhagatji Maharaj began life as a householder, and experienced a saakshaatkaar samaadhi (divine realization) of Lord Swaminarayan by Gunatitanand Swami's grace. For a time, he was excommunicated from the satsanga fellowship. Though he was allowed to reenter the satsanga, his disciple Shastriji Maharaj was later excommunicated.[45]

In the face of hardships, Kakaji held Yogi Bapa's every command - the first of which was to support the creation of 51 young saints. He then took on Yogi Bapa's command of creating a separate and independent establishment for dedicated women. For this, again due to crude human nature, in 1966, Kakaji was excommunicated along with Papaji. After this, for 20 years, Kakaji continued spreading the glory of Lord Swaminarayan and Yogi Bapa. Until his last breath, he gave his everything in support of all the saints and devotees.

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