On May 17, 1966 Yogi Bapa's 75th birthday was celebrated on a grand scale in Vidyanagar. Kakaji, Papaji, Pramukh Swamiji, Mahant Swamiji, Hariprasad Swamiji, Jashbhai Saheb, Haribhai Saheb, saints and devotees celebrated the occasion. Yogi Bapa again and again repeated to imbibe the qualities of "samp, suhradbhaav, ekta" or harmony, oneness, and unity, and reiterated "ekta ej ekaantik panu" or unity is the highest liberated state. Kakaji's devotion was such that he was willing to accept any hardship in order that the group could stay together.

Yogi Bapa finally envisioned that the group had to be allowed to separate into two. And for this, Yogi Bapa trusted Kakaji's unparalleled devotion. While physically separate, Kakaji would carry on the divine mission with even greater spirit! While physically separate, he would keep everyone's glory flourishing. Shastriji Maharaj explained Yogi Bapa's devotion by likening him to a child that a mother sacrifices: in order for a mother to escape with the rest of her children from a fire, she places the sacrificial child on the ground and steps over him so that the family can be saved. Similarly, Kakaji was Yogi Bapa's sacrificial son.

On May 28, 1966, it was announced from Bochasan that Kakaji and Papaji were excommunicated from the group. Jashbhai Saheb and Haribhai Saheb went from Vidyanagar to Prabhu Krupa[46] (a building at the women's establishment) to tell Papaji the news. Jashbhai Saheb and the aspirant devotees whom Yogi Bapa had asked to become saints were told to vacate AksharPurushottam Chatralay as well. Kakaji and Papaji asked Jashbhai Saheb and the aspirant devotees to stay with Yogi Bapa. Yogi Bapa however said, "I am where Kakaji and Papaji are so do not hesitate to support the brothers."

As the sad news spread to all of the centers, many saints decided to support Yogi Bapa's devotees. At the Dadar temple, there were a total of 39 saints (1/3 of the saints Yogi Bapa had made) who expressed support for the brothers. Things became heated at Dadar, so Yogi Bapa told the saints to remain at an old Sokhada temple[47] for the time being. Despite the efforts of Kakaji, Pramukh Swamiji, Mahant Swamiji, Hariprasad Swamiji, and elder saints, a resolution could not be met.

While the saints stayed at the small temple in Sokhada, Kakaji collected money from friends and business acquaintances, so that the saints would not have to ask for food. For the next several years, Kakaji gave much strength and prayers to all the saints that had once left the world due to Yogi Bapa's divine love. By his discourses, the saints' glory for Lord Swaminarayan and Yogi Bapa intensified, and they learned to experience God's omnipotent spirit. Under the guidance of Hariprasad Swamiji and Aksharvihari Swamiji, despite the hardships, a divine happiness remained with the saints. With the growing support of devotees, by 1968, Kakaji established a temple in Sankarda for the saints as well. Today, saints continue to lead a divine life at the Sankarda temple under Aksharvihari Swamiji's guidance.

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