Prior to the excommunication, 10 elder dedicated women administered the women's temple. By June 1, 1966 many more dedicated women moved into the Vidyanagar establishment as planned. With the split, Papaji remained in Vidyanagar to support the women who had left the world in dedication to God. The administration created for the group was titled the Gunatit Jyot Mahilaa Trust (with Kakaji, Papaji, and Gordhankaka as the trustees for administrative purposes). From 51, the number of dedicated women rapidly grew to over 450 today - and not a single aspirant ever left her dedicated life.

Though separated, the eight dedicated aspirant brothers desired to uphold the life of sainthood as willed by Yogi Bapa. Kakaji and Papaji did not give them saadhu dikshaa, and they also needed to earn a living. So they remained as saadhakas or leading dedicated lives while working in society. Thus, on Poshi Poornima[48] in 1967, Kakaji, Papaji, and Sonaba blessed Jashbhai Saheb and the eight brothers as "karma-yogi or vratdhaari saadhaks." (The blessings were granted in Shreeji Colony, where the brothers stayed at the time. As more brothers joined the movement, Rameshbhai Patel of Mumbai donated his newly built bungalow as their residence, and Papaji named the abode Anoopam.) With the help of Jashubhai Bhatt of Umreth, Kakaji, Papaji, and Saheb soon planned an Adhesives Company. For two years the business did not show profit. But Kakaji placed more funds into the business and blessed, "I prayed to Lord Swaminarayan and Gunatitanand Swami at the business's inception. So it has to run well!" With his business contacts, Kakaji also worked hard to procure raw materials for the business. Thus Yogiji Maharaj's vision of a new horizon took root with the name "Anoopam Mission."[49] On Poshi Poornima in 1978, Kakaji and Papaji selected a uniform for the dedicated brothers: a blue shirt and beige pants, signifying the sky and the earth. As the group's humanitarian works expanded, the people of the town of Mogri donated land for the renowned AksharPurushottam Technical Institute. Adjacent to this, the brothers moved into the Brahmjyoti complex in 1985, where today there are over 125 dedicated brothers.

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