In this way, while principally staying in Tardev, Kakaji supported the Gunatit Samaj, a four-winged (saints, dedicated brothers, dedicated sisters, and householders) divine establishment to help all devotees achieve progress. Just as Bhagatji Maharaj, Jaga Swami, and Krishnaji Ada were all three gunaateeta saints, Kakaji taught devotees to see divinity in all present gunaateeta or God-realized saints. Further, Kakaji emphasized that all branches work in harmony based on the ultimate principle of Lord Swaminarayan's supremacy. Kakaji repeated this message in his last recorded speech on January 26, 1986 at the Gunatit Jyot during the celebration of his divine realization day after Gunatitanand Swami's Bicentennial Celebrations. He revealed this as the inner desire of Lord Swaminarayan and Gunatitanand Swami.

On Poshi Poonam in 1969, Kakaji, Papaji, and Sonaba blessed five brothers to live dedicated lives while staying in Tardev with Kakaji: Rameshbhai Soni,[54] Mahendrabhai Shah (Bapu), Rajubhai Thakkar, Rajubhai Bhatt, and Ashwinbhai Patel. By the early 1970s, Bharatbhai Mehta, Hemantbhai Vashi, Harakchandbhai Shah, and Arunbhai Shah also began staying at Tardev. With them, Kakaji served the Gunatit Samaj, authored several books,[55] and made many divine trips to Europe and the United States. Living with Kakaji's ideals, together the nine brothers earned Lord Swaminarayan's grace and continue to give the peace and bliss of Akshardham to all.

In 1973, Kakaji made his first spiritual trip to the United States with Jashbhai Saheb and Harshadbhai Bhatt.[56] On the Fourth of July long-weekend, Dinkar Uncle[57] came from Elkhart, Indiana to Chicago, Illinois[58] where he met Kakaji for the first time. For the next 13 years, Dinkar Uncle served Kakaji, creating a divine bond that reached the heart of Lord Swaminarayan. Dinkar Uncle shone divinity in all God-realized saints and created oneness with all devotees.

On June 21, 1981, on the 200th anniversary of Lord Swaminarayan's manifestation, Kakaji enshrined the image of Lord Swaminarayan at Dinkar Uncle's Waukegan home. (The image was displayed at Lord Swaminarayan's Bicentennial Celebrations in Sokhada, and presented to Kakaji by saints. When Kakaji opened the image, he remarked, "Lord Swaminarayan is telling me, 'Take Me beyond the oceans [to America].'" This image is a colorized copy of an original black-and-white Lord Swaminarayan picture.) At that time, Kakaji gave the blessings, "Any prayer done here together for even fifteen minutes, will be answered." Kakaji also gave Dinkar Uncle the same blessings as Jaga Swami had given to Shastriji Maharaj: "Sankalp naa karo e tamaari khot, ane puraa naa kariye, e hamaari khot" or "We will fulfill all your prayers." In 1983, Yogi Divine Society, USA-Chicago was established by Kakaji with Dinkar Uncle as its President. In 1985, with Mahendra Bapu and Dinkar Uncle's help, Kakaji planned Hariprasad Swamiji's first trip to America. Finally, on October 20, 1985, at the 200th anniversary of Gunatitanand Swami's manifestation, Kakaji enshrined the image of Gunatitanand Swami at the Waukegan temple.

In 1985, Kakaji helped acquire land in Samadhiala for Nirmal Swamiji,[59] Madhavcharan Swamiji, and Gnyaansvaroop Swamiji who had to leave the old group in 1983. In this way, Kakaji worked to help all of the saints that Yogi Bapa had initiated. A temple was established at the location in 1997.

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