After celebrating Gunatitanand Swami's Bicentennial in 1985, Kakaji gave many suggestions of his divine plans of passing away. Kakaji often expressed, "How can I spread the message of Lord Swaminarayan alone?" Thus he supported saints and devotees as "the second line of leadership" to carry Lord Swaminarayan and Yogi Bapa's work. Then suddenly, on March 7, 1986, Kakaji passed away in Mumbai at the Bhatia Hospital.

Kakaji's body was placed on the simple sofa on which he had many times talked about the glory of Lord Swaminarayan, Gunatitanand Swami, and the gunaateeta lineage. Devotees poured into Tardev, along with Papaji, Hariprasad Swamiji, Kantikaka, Mahendra Bapu, Bharatbhai, Vashibhai, Nirmal Swamiji, Kothari Swamiji, Prem Swamiji, Das Swamiji, saints and devotees. After aarti was offered, Kakaji's body was carried down the 84 steps of the Tardev temple. The ambulance van went to Sokhada, Sankarda, Gunatit Jyot, and finally to Brahmjyoti. There, Jashbhai Saheb, Mukundjivan Swamiji, Haribhai Saheb, Ashwinbhai, Shantibhai, Sonaba, Jyotiben, Taraben, and devotees prepared the memorial shrine. Garlands were offered, the carriage was lifted, and the pyre was lit as devotees shouted, "He Kakaji Amar Raho - Kakaji, live forever!" In the hearts of devotees, Kakaji in fact became eternal and his presence became even stronger. In supporting Shastriji Maharaj, Kakaji glorified Akshar-Purushottam Maharaj; in revealing Yogi Bapa, he glorified the present gunaateeta saint; and in the creation of the Gunatit Samaj, he showed the highest state of oneness.

On November 27, 1986 Kantikaka also passed away, and his memorial shrine was created in Powai.

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