February 20, 1998
Friday Meeting

In Vachanamrut Kariyani 5, Lord Swaminarayan explains that while God can grant liberation without assuming an incarnation, He does so "For only one reason: Having surrendered Himself to the devotion of devotees who have intense love for Him, God assumes whichever form the devotees wish for in order to grant them bliss...Thus, the only reason God assumes an incarnation is to fulfill the desires of His beloved devotees. Along with this, He grants liberation to innumerable other jeevas (souls) and also establishes dharma (religion)."

Dinkar Uncle explained that Lord Rama exemplified how to be the perfect son, brother, husband, and king. In fact, the period of his rule is known as "Rama-raajya," where there was satisfaction amongst all citizens. During Lord Krishna's incarnation, the main emphasis was on sambandha or the relationship between God and His devotees. He gave the example that because Arjun was on the side of God, he was protected under all circumstances. Finally, during Lord Swaminarayan's time, importance was given to humbly serving God and His devotees, and becoming brahmaroopa (totally liberated) through a positive perspective.

Given in Swami Ni Vato 1/72, Lord Swaminarayan desired to liberate many, many souls. In order to do this, Lord Swaminarayan first thought, "Whoever has My darshana will be liberated." Then He thought, "Whoever has the darshana of My saints will also be liberated." Then again, He thought, "Whoever has the darshana of My devotees will also be liberated." Finally, Lord Swaminarayan thought, "Everyone who feeds My devotees or is fed by My devotees will be liberated too!"



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