August 30, 2002
Friday Meeting

Most students begin the regular school year around this time. Dinkar Uncle spent the week discussing ways to ensure everyone gets straight A's. The biggest hurdle to accomplish this is improper use of time. Dinkar Uncle suggested that we reduce three things in order to get more time to study.
(1) Gossiping - gossiping both downgrades us and wastes our time. In order to cut down gossiping, we should not keep too many acquaintances, but rather spend time with people from whom we can learn beneficial things. As a student, our friends should be our books and those colleagues that seriously study and get good grades. Also, our teachers should be our friends. The point here is not to be unfriendly, but rather to remove unnecessary complications. Another way to reduce gossiping time is staying away from the typical time or place that we usually gossip. For example, if one has a habit of gossiping after school, that student should plan to go to the library instead.
(2) Sleeping - especially coming out of summer vacation, we may be in the habit of sleeping over 8 hours and waking up late in the day. We should make a goal to cut down our sleep to a time that is reasonable and keeps us fresh for class. Once a balance is found, try to slowly improve it 10 minutes or so every day or week. At the student age, 6 hours should typically be plenty, while some can train to sleep even less. This will give us more time to study.
(3) Other interests - we have to be aware of the time spent watching TV, playing games, or other things that generally waste time.

Finally, from the time that is saved, we must spend at least a half-hour each day for God. One should form the habit to spend 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night remembering God. Prayer is "in-vesting" our time, rather than "wasting" it.

Dinkar Uncle also suggested that a schedule (for the day's tasks) might also be helpful. He then asked every student to reveal two personal areas that they would like to work on so that they could ensure getting all A's.



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