October 09, 1998
Friday Meeting

During Swaminarayan Bhagwan's time there was a devotee by the name of Sundarji Suthar. Sundarji was a secretary to the king of Kutch and a devotee of Guru Ramanand Swami. Given in Swami Ni Vato 9/215, when he was once going from Bhuj for the purpose of a royal wedding, Sundarji met Swaminarayan Bhagwan. With His eyes closed, Swaminarayan Bhagwan asked, "Who has come?" Sundarji, responded, "Your sevaka (servant)." Swaminarayan Bhagwan then asked, "What is the quality of a true sevaka?" Sundarji replied, "To follow all of God's commands." With His eyes still closed, God told Sundarji to shave, become a saint in saffron robes, and go for a pilgrimage to the Ganga River. As Sundarji began walking away, Muktanand Swami told God that because of Sundarji the saints found peace in Kutch (otherwise, another of the king's minister, Jagjivan, opposed the movement). So Swaminarayan Bhagwan asked Mulji Brahmachari to bring Sundarji back. With His eyes closed again, God asked Sundarji again, "Who has come?" This time, in a very humble tone, Sundarji replied "Your sevaka." Then God asked again, "What is the quality of a true sevaka?" When Sundarji replied as he had before, God told him to dress and rejoin the wedding. Sundarji was an exemplary devotee but had some remnant of ego. Swaminarayan Bhagwan expressed, "In our satsanga, there are devotees that even upon My simply writing a letter, they will renounce the world and enter sainthood!"



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