October 06, 2002
Hartford, WI

The following question was asked: "How can we overcome negative habits and qualities?" After giving the story of Tulsidas (see "Tulsidas"), Dinkar Uncle explained that many approaches have been shown by various philosophies, but the best technique revolves around a positive attitude. For example, if we want to quit something, we say, "I want to stop it." But this is like trying to brake while driving at a very fast speed. An alternative approach is to keep the same speed but take a diversion. Rather then stopping the habit, find a way to make it positive. For example, if someone wants to stop getting angry, if that person understands that anger is also a force, he/she can divert it positively. In other words, we can maintain momentum but change direction. We can even "add gas" or more force, but the key is to alter our direction. Kakaji explained this to a devotee who once felt anger - now he is filled with love and compassion.

For this, Kakaji has given the technique to remember God and one's guru and their positive glory at least 12 minutes every hour (1/5th of an hour). This continuous charging automatically purifies the self. Dinkar Uncle gave a helpful analogy for this. Consider the task of creating a vacuum in a glass, i.e. removing all the air. Without very expensive equipment, it would be impossible. Even in those circumstances, some molecules of air are bound to remain. But using the simple method of pouring water into the glass, automatically all of the air is displaced. Similarly, while other techniques result in considerable effort, by taking time to remember God and one's guru (filling oneself with devotion), all negative things naturally disappear.



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