December 13, 2002
Friday Meeting

During Swaminarayan Bhagwan's time, Dada Khachar's inherent quality was of compassion and forgiveness. There was a servant lady who once stole from Dada Khachar. Testing him, God instructed Dada Khachar to cut her head off with his sword. When God commanded him to use the weapon, Dada Khachar exclaimed "Maharaj, Maharaj" and could not kill the woman. (Another story explains that Swaminarayan Bhagwan instructed Dada Khachar to punish a lady that had stolen from him. When Dada Khachar approached the lady, he saw her engrossed in prayer to Swaminarayan Bhagwan. Instead of punishment, he prostrated in front of her and returned to Swaminarayan Bhagwan. When God asked why he had not followed His instructions, Dada Khachar replied, "For a devotee of Yours, I would give all of my belongings, not just a few goods!")

Dada Khachar is considered an incarnation of Arjun. As Arjun too, this inherent divine nature was visible. First, despite the wrongs they did, Arjun does not want to fight against the Kauravs. After the Mahabharat, even though Ashvathama (the son of Dronacharya, the guru of the Pandavs and Kauravs) had killed the Pandavs' five children, Arjun does not kill Ashvathama, but only takes the special gem from his head. Draupadi also retrieves her vow for having Ashvathama killed, and accepts the gem as sufficient punishment. Per Vyasji and Naradji's saying, Arjun retracted the powerful brahmasheera weapon (or brahmaastra) that he released to neutralize Ashvathama's released brahmaastra. Ashvathama, on the other hand, was unable to retract the brahmaastra (that he released to kill Bhima and the Pandav brothers), and rather sent it to kill the unborn child, Parikshit, of Uttara and Abhimanyu (son of Arjun and Subhadra). But Lord Krishna protected the child and brought him back to life. (In Vachanamrut Loya 6, Lord Swaminarayan explains, "If I were to give an order which seems to be full of adharma, then one should be hesitant in following it - that is, one should take some time and not accept it immediately. For example, Shri Krishna Bhagwan ordered Arjun, 'Cut off Ashvathama's head.' But Arjun did not follow that command.")

Bhaktachintamani also describes a time when Swaminarayan Bhagwan tells the saints that from that point forward, they should retaliate against enemies. Previously, God had given a command never to fight back (also given in Shikshapatri verse 201). When the saints tell Swaminarayan Bhagwan that they would prefer to tolerate and not forgo their saintly quality, God shows His real inclination and favor. We too should have the inherent nature of never hurting others, but only praying for them.



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