May 05, 2000
Friday Meeting

Chapter 16 of the Bhagavad Gita explains that there are different characteristics associated with those of daivee (whose life is inclined toward God) nature and those of aasuree (those who follow negative practices without proper discrimination) nature.

Dinkar Uncle explained that scriptures say out of 100 people, about 10 souls are daivee such that no matter the situation, they remain devoted to God. Another about 10 souls are aasuree such that they remain negative irrespective of the environment. For example, they would even steal from the temple. The remaining 80% are like an akabaree lotaa (a container with a rounded bottom that swings whichever way it is pushed). If they meet a great saint, they would tread the path of righteousness. The opposite is of course, also true. During times when God incarnates, it may seem that over 90% of the population is of daivee nature because the 80% shift toward good practices, and also a few of the 10% aasuree decide to change too. On the other hand, if there is aasuree-raaja (rule by a demon such as Ravan), most would seem asuree.



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