April 19, 2003
Des Plaines Mandira

Given in Swami Ni Vato 10/244, once Gunatitanand Swami was carrying freshly washed godadees (blankets) on His shoulders back from the Gomti Lake. Swaminarayan Bhagwan and saints were coming back from Suthar Vasan's home after having lunch. At the Hanuman Gate, Swaminarayan Bhagwan and Gunatitanand Swami's eyes met. At that very moment, Gunatitanand Swami beheld God's moorti within. God thus remained standing there for 2 ghadees (1 ghadee is 24 minutes). When God said, "Sadhuraam, shall we go now?" Gunatitanand Swami replied, "Yes, Maharaj." But because God felt the weight of all the godadees on His own shoulders, Swaminarayan Bhagwan asked Bhaguji to take the load from Gunatitanand Swami. God then asked Bhaguji to place them in front of Him so He could see which saints gave their blankets to Gunatitanand Swami. The saints that were not sick were ashamed to come and pick up their blankets. After taking a nap at Rampratapji's bungalow, a sabhaa was held at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Swaminarayan Bhagwan asked Muktanand Swami, "Bring your sevaka." When Muktanand Swami called Nirgundanand Swami, God said, "Not this one - call Nirgunanand Swami of Bhadra." When Gunatitanand Swami arrived, God asked Muktanand Swami, "Do you know [the glory of] this Saint?" Muktanand Swami replied, "Yes, he is a great saint, and is always progressing in satsanga. He possesses all the qualities of a saint given in the scriptures. He is complete in dharma, gnyaana, etc." God replied, "That is okay. But His greatness is of a different kind. Today, we met when I was coming from the village and He was coming after having bathed. At that moment, just like someone holds [hot] metal tightly in a pincer, [He] held Me by His vrutti. I tried to walk, but I could not move. Such is His greatness." When Mahanubhavanand Swami said, "Why do you give pain to Maharaj?" God reprimanded him that "Why are you talking without understanding. If you have the strength to hold My moorti, do so. I am not pained - in fact, I want to make all of you like this Saint." Swaminarayan Bhagwan continues by revealing, "Only after becoming like this Saint, who is My gunaateeta Aksharbrahmdhaam, can one devote to Me...He is the only Anaadi Mul Akshar...and [the highest liberated souls] in Akshardham have acquire the qualities of Aksharbrahm, but no one can become Mul Akshar...And I am beyond that Mul Akshar, the sarvopari (highest), sarvaniyanta (all-doer), Parabrahm Purushottam Narayan." In response, Muktanand Swami said, "I did not know of His greatness in this way." The following day, as He always did, Gunatitanand Swami went to get prasaada from Muktanand Swami's eating bowl. But now, Muktanand Swami said, "You give, I will not give." When Gunatitanand Swami responded, "Why the avalee Ganga('flowing in the opposite direction')?" Muktanand Swami said, "Now it is flowing in the right direction! Till now, I had not recognized You. Now, I will not give [prasaada]."



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