April 20, 2002
Des Plaines, IL

As related in Jaga Swami Ni Vato 1/4, in Kariyani, Swaminarayan Bhagwan revealed six reasons for His manifestation to Gopalanand Swami:
(1) To establish and spread the true upaasanaa (worship) of God
(2) To give the original form of God to past incarnations and their devotees and liberate them to Akshardham
(3) To revive ekaantika/bhaagavata dharma, consisting of perfecting dharma, vairaagya, gnyaana, and mahaatmya-yukta bhakti
(4) To give Bhaktidevi and Dharmadev the happiness of His company and liberate them to Akshardham
(5) To liberate yogis doing penance for Him
(6) To create temples, scriptures, aachaaryas, and gunaateeta saints.



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