October 09, 1998
Friday Meeting

Given in Bhagavat 1/5-1/6, Naradji's mother served in an aashrama (hermitage). When young, once, during the four months of the rainy season, Naradji was given the opportunity to serve saints. The saints blessed Naradji by way of prasaada (holy food). By their blessings, Naradji felt his heart being purified, and he became attracted solely to God. The next season, until they departed, Naradji devoutedly listened to the discourses of the saints. Bitten by a snake when she went out to milk a cow one night, Naradji's mother soon passed away. Naradji accepted the event as for a divine purpose, and left for the North. Tired after traveling, Naradji sat under a tree and began meditating on God. As tears rolled down his cheecks, God appeared to Naradji. Spending the rest of his days in remembrance of that God, Naradji passed away. At the time of the next creation, Naradji was born with a transcendental body that allows him to travel throughout the world. He is usually depicted with the veenaa musical instrument given by God, and chanting 'Narayan, Narayan.'



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