New Year's Message VS 2064

New Year's Message | Vikram Samvat 2064 | Saturday, November 10, 2007

|| Swami Shreeji ||

On the auspicious day of the New Year, let us offer our most humble and heartiest prayers to Lord Swaminarayan and Gunatit Satpurushas for our inner prosperity.

Brahmasvaroopa Yogi Bapa used to narrate a parable of a potter who while digging the soil to collect clay for his work one day found an earthen pot full of golden coins and became wealthy.

So let us resolve strongly and pray sincerely to follow the daily FOUR POINT PROGRAM of 1. SWAROOPAYOGA, 2. ASSOCIATION OF SAINT, 3. GOOD DEED, and 4. PRAYER AT NIGHT as advocated by Guruhari Kakaji and thereby invoke God who dwells in our heart and perform all our activities by becoming brahmaroopa and with utmost honesty towards our Supreme Master. If we act in this way, we will also become internally rich and prosperous.

For this, Guruhari Yogiji Maharaj showed a simple way in the form of the NECTAR OF GUNAATEETA KNOWLEDGE:
1) DO NOT SEE NEGATIVE IN OTHERS - As mentioned in Vachanamrut Gadhada First 16 we should not see the shortcomings, faults, nature, etc. of devotees but should only see and appreciate their divine association with God and saints.
2) LOOK AFTER YOUR OWN LIBERATION - Instead of passing judgment about others' actions, be constantly alert and prayerful for our 100% dedication and sincerity towards our Master.
3) IN TIMES OF DIFFICULTY, PRAY TO GOD BUT DO NOT THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE - We are most fortunate to have come in direct contact with Pratyaksha Svaroopa who will never let even the slightest harm happen to us. Remain firm in this belief in any adverse situation or any physical ailment and never get disheartened or slip into low esteem but resort to the most effective remedy of bhajana, divine remembrance, prayer, meditation, and sevaa.
4) SEE EVERYONE WITH DIVINITY - How can we dislike, have contempt, or feel malice towards any devotee if we perceive the working of Yogi Bapa in them? Thus, overlook their outer actions by ignoring our mental beliefs or mundane evaluations.
5) KEEP SPIRITUAL TOGETHERNESS, HARMONY AND ONENESS - Brahmasvaroopa Kakaji used to say that unity is the root of Eternal Religion; Spiritual Equanimity and Simplicity are its base; and Suhradabhaava or divine friendliness is its strength and source of energy. Unity itself is Ekaantikabhaava.
SPIRITUAL TOGETHERNESS (Samp) - To do all work unanimously in spite of different ways of thinking or likings or nature - INTERDEPENDENCE AND INTERWOVENNESS.
HARMONY (Suhradabhaava) - To ignore the shortcomings or differences among fellow devotees and work in unison - INTEGRITY AND HARMONY WITH LOVE AND AFFECTION.
ONENESS (Ekataa) - To perceive the mistake or shortcomings of fellow devotees as our own and direct our efforts to please him and thereby earn the true blessings of our Master. Our goal should be to nurture divine friendliness with fellow devotees - FEELING ONENESS WITH ALL, SEEING DIVINITY IN ALL.
6) CONSTANTLY GLORIFY GOD IN THE FORM OF THE BRAHMASVAROOPA SAINT YOU HAVE MET - This will enable us to strengthen our belief and conviction in his divine workings and omniscience. That is the culmination of our saadhanaa.

By imbibing these points in our lives we will prosper internally as well as externally. Others' glorification and greatness will be perceived as our own and we will experience fulfillment in knowing and accepting good qualities of other devotees. We have to act only as a divine instrument as inspired by Him. All failures or success, mistakes or excellence, will be relegated to Him. Let us immerse ourselves in the divine ocean of this magnanimity and enjoy the unfathomable divine depth, vastness, and unlimited divine bliss.

Heartiest Jay Swaminarayan from Yours, Dinkar, Bapu, Raju, Bharat, Vashi, and all...



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