March 13, 1998
Friday Meeting

Brahmanand Swami oversaw the building of the Ahmedabad, Vadtal, and Junagadh temples. The construction of the Vadtal temple was originally planned on a small scale. Brahmanand Swami however heard devotees' prayers and built it so grandly that the amount of bricks intended for the entire temple did not even complete the foundation (over 9 laakha bricks were used in the foundation alone)! Brahmanand Swami's only expectation however was to please God. Thus, when Swaminarayan Bhagwan asked him to leave the temple after its construction (appointing Aksharanand Swami as its mahanta), he did so without even blinking his eyes. (Brahmanand Swami also constructed the Muli temple, where he stayed after Swaminarayan Bhagwan passed away.)



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