February 12, 1999
Friday Meeting

Dinkar Uncle explained, "We should always remain as 'the lawyer' of God." For example, when Shukdevji narrated the Raas-panchadhyay [Bhagavat 10/29-10/33] describing Lord Krishna's leelaa with the Gopis, King Parikshit raised a doubt about God's divine actions. Given in Vachanamrut Loya 12, Shukdevji explained, "Lord Krishna is radiant like fire - whatever actions he performs, [seemingly] pious or impious, are burnt to ashes" [Bhagavat 10/33/29]. Given in Vachanamrut Gadhada First 23 and Bhagavat 10/33/34, one should realize that if a devotee is not affected or bound, how can God, who devotees worship, be bound in any way? Finally, Dinkar Uncle explained that at all times, we should similarly remain as 'the lawyer' of all of God's devotees.



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