March 14, 1999
Paris, France

In Swami Ni Vato 8/3, Gunatitanand Swami explains three stages: sanskaara (impressions) is gained by the unknown service of God or a God-realized saint. For example grace is bestowed upon a cow from which milk is drawn, or even a tree that offers shade. From many sanskaaras, comes the association of a God-realized saint. By serving the God-realized saint, one gets aashirvaada (blessings). From the blessings, pure feelings are awakened - the mumukshu or saadhaka (aspirant) is thus placed on the path to God.

On this path however, the aspirant should be alert to not indulge in the "wrong business." Based on Swami Ni Vato 4/44, Dinkar Uncle explained that in satsanga, while one has the potential to benefit in millions, doing the "wrong business" could result in a loss in billions. Socially, this is practiced all the time - one would never go into business with the aim of incurring losses. Or in personal finances, there is constant awareness of the amount in one's bank account. Yogi Bapa emphasized that we should never see, think, or talk negative of others, but constantly see the positive qualities in everyone so that our spiritual account only grows.

Second, after coming close to a God-realized saint, the aspirant should not become over confident or start believing "I know everything." A survey of passengers, showed that those living closest to the train station or airport missed their train or flight most often!



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