April 23, 1999
Friday Meeting

Yashodarbhai of Vidyanagar prepared the bhajana (devotional song) "Saralataa Saadhu Tano Shanagaara" during Yogi Bapa's Centennial Birthday Celebration.

Just as a householder's physical beauty increases by wearing more jewelry or ornaments, the value of a saint increases with certain qualities. But these qualities are at a subtle level and are visible only upon close association of the saint. The biggest shangaara (ornament) a saint can possess is the quality of saralataa. Vahevaarik or social saralataa is similar to modesty. Though there is no exact English translation to the word, with spiritual saralataa, the inside and outside feelings of humility and simplicity are the same.

Another meaning of saralataa is remaining in a "liquid" state. The sarala person drops his own nature and preferences, and creates oneness with fellow devotees.

Just as only a small portion of an iceberg can be seen, a saint's saintliness is hidden. Just as a mango tree leans down as it gets more and more fruits, a saint increasingly becomes humble as he imbibes more and more saintliness. Finally, the depth of the saint's saintliness stems from his understanding of God's glory.



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