July 30, 1999
Friday Meeting

Dinkar Uncle explained three types of gurus or spiritual teachers: guru, sadguru, and Paramguru.

A guru is someone from whom we learn and gain inspiration. The guru takes the form of a teacher, friend, classmate, or any other relationship. Besides this, a guru's function is to direct the disciple toward the next step, and that is association with a sadguru. If the guru cannot reach that far, he will pray that the disciple reaches there. A sincere devotee will then find a sadguru.

A sadguru knows how to advance individual devotees without hurting them. He knows the devotee's strengths and weaknesses, and prays so all of the negative qualities are eradicated. A sadguru has the potential that without incurring any suffering on himself, he can help a devotee get rid of vices. A sadguru's exemplary quality is that he takes upon his own shoulders, the responsibility of taking devotees to a higher understanding. He takes their praarabdha (results of past deeds) on his head, and closes his eyes to their mistakes. Then wherever a disciple goes, the sadguru has control, similar to a kite that no matter how far it travels, it can be brought back because the string remains in the kite-flyer's hand.

To lead you to Paramguru, a sadguru is necessary. Paramguru is Anaadi Mool Akshar Moorti Gunatitanand Swami. For a devotee, the sadguru brahmasvaroopa saint is an image of Paramguru, because he has acquired the understanding/qualities of Anaadi Mool Akshar Moorti Gunatitanand Swami. The guru, sadguru, and Paramguru help one lead a life in devotion to God.



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