October 27, 2000
Waukegan Mandira

When attempting to find peace, one may think about going to the jungle or living in solitude to accomplish a link with God. But the most effective method is to live within satsanga. When offering service together, one's svabhaava (nature) surfaces and there is chance for introspection. Otherwise, devotion may actually lead to an increase in one's svabhaava [ref. Swami Ni Vato 2/177]. Suhradabhaava however protects against this.

In his 1980 (VS 2037) Diwali message [see Jevaa Me Nirkhyaa Re], Kakaji explains four things that get in the way of suhradabhaava: koipana prakaaranee maanyataa (a personal belief), jeevana jeevavaanee dhaba (an individual's lifestyle), sevaka ane saatheedaaronee mahobata (a biased attachment for a helper or partner), and aapano nakkee karelo svadharma (a self-made righteous living).

With the resolution to keep suhradabhaava however, one may become frustrated or confused, as crude nature fights to overcome the hold of suhradabhaava. But the devotee should not give up, and invoke the blessings of God and a gunaateeta guru.



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