December 15, 2000
Friday Meeting

Saishav asked, "While doing prayers, how can we communicate with God's moorti (divine image)?"

Dinkar Uncle has led us through many experiments to hone our communication skills with God. He once explained a technique with a double-sided photo of Akshar-Purushottam Maharaj and Kakaji. We prayed for about two minutes with full concentration on God, and then turned the picture over and attempted to gain inspiration from Kakaji. In this way, we implored God to speak to us through His saint, such as Kakaji.

Dinkar Uncle led another experiment by asking us to do dhoona (chanting) for five minutes and then analyze the inspiration. This can be done with open eyes while concentrating on the moorti of our choice from the mandira (temple), or by closing our eyes and meditating on a moorti of our liking. This requires practice in our daily lives.

There are several examples in history of moorti talking to devotees. During the time of the Mahabharat, Ekalavya did not lose faith when rejected by guru Dronacharya, but made a statue of Dronacharya and gained inspiration from it. He communicated that way and even excelled Arjun in archery. However, even though Eklavya had an elevated attainment, he felt jealous of Arjun. This jealousy impeded him from furthering his progress. In satsanga, while we may increasingly learn to communicate with God's moorti, if we neglect to keep suhradabhaava or harmony with fellow devotees, then we will not meet the true spiritual end. But if suhradabhaava is mastered, everything, including moorti, is attained.



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