December 16, 2000

It was asked, How is it possible to have the same enlightened sense that is felt in satsanga in every aspect of life? Dinkar Uncle explained that the problem stems from the creation of a duality that "this is satsanga" and "this is not." In human development, as one becomes more intelligent, he can cultivate multiple personalities. This can be useful to an extent. For example, at work or in college, we may behave such that we are in harmony with our surroundings. But if we are truly convinced that satsanga is the best way to live, then that will be our guiding light, regardless of the situation we are in. For example, we apply or retain the principle of not stealing everywhere we go because of our internal conviction that it is correct. Similarly, we must create that sort of conviction with satsanga. Take the example of Eknath (c. 1534-1600, Maharashtra). Eknath woke up one night and saw a thief looking around his simple residence. Instead of getting angry, he thought, "What can I offer this person who obviously suffers from a shortage?" Thus, the teachings of satsanga prevailed even in the most adverse of circumstances.



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