February 11, 2001

In Vachanamrut Gadhada Last 27, Swaminarayan Bhagwan explains, "The pleasures associated with the five senses, shabda (sounds), sparsha (touch), roopa (sights), rasa (tastes), and gandha (smells), are all found together in one place: the divine and blissful form of Bhagwan Purushottam. When we have the sight of the form of God, we can enjoy the bliss of His beauty, as well as the bliss from the other four types of senses simultaneously. On the other hand, with worldly senses, when one indulges in one sense, one receives the gratification of only that sense, but not of the others." Furhter, the pleasure from worldly senses is "insignificant, perishable, and ultimately the cause of great misery." While the enjoyment from God is "extremely divine, eternal, and imperishable." Swaminarayan Bhagwan thus says, "A spiritual aspirant should develop vairaagya (detachment) towards the worldly senses and become totally attached to the divine and blissful form of God."

Given in Bhagavat 10/25, when Krishna Bhagwan asked devotees to offer devotion to Govardhan Mountain instead of Indradev, Indradev began a deluge. Krishna Bhagwan thus lifted the Govardhan Mountain with his finger to protect his devotees. During the seven days, simply by seeing Krishna Bhagwan, devotees gained the full satisfaction of having eaten. Thus, from God, all contentment is found.



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