March 23, 2001
Friday Meeting

In Swami Ni Vato 2/177, Gunatitanand Swami explains, "Bhaktimaa svabhaava vadhe ne dhyaanamaa dehaabhimaana vadhe" (In devotion one's nature increases, and in performing meditation one's ego increases). Shrimad Bhagavat 9/4-5 gives the example of Durvasa Muni, known for his anger. On the other hand, Ambrish Raja, though a great king, was a humble devotee and thus always protected by God.

Once, when Ambrish Raja was about to break his fast on the day after ekaadashee, Durvasa Muni arrived. Durvasa Muni accepted Ambrish Raja's invitation to eat lunch there, and then went to bathe in the Yamuna River. Seeing that the time to break the fast was passing, the brahmins suggested that Ambrish Raja should sip a little water. In meditation, Durvasa Muni learned of this and thus became enraged. In a fit of anger, from his hair he created a krutyaa demon to kill Ambrish Raja. While Ambrish Raja remained calm, Lord Vishnu released his sudarshana chakra (disc weapon) that first beheaded the demon and then proceeded towards Durvasa Muni. Durvasa Muni fled across the world, to Brahmaloka and Shivaloka, but he could not escape the sudarshana chakra. Finally, he went to Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu however replied that even he could not retrieve the weapon he released, and the only way to be saved was humbling himself at the devotee he tried to hurt. Thus, Durvasa Muni finally returned to Ambrish Raja, who stood at the same spot without having broken his fast! Ambrish Raja prayed to the sudarshana chakra, "If I have the same positive feeling for Durvasa Muni today as I did when he first came, please stop and return to your master," and Durvasa Muni was thus saved. Having not eaten for one year, Ambrish Raja offerred Durvasa Muni food, and then also took prasaada (sanctified food).



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