April 06, 2001
Friday Meeting

Lord Nara-Narayan's birth was on Brahma's first day, during satya-yuga. The purpose of the incarnation of the twin brothers Nara and Narayan was to kill the demon Sahasrakuchi. Sahasrakuchi gained 1000 protective kavachas (barriers) around his body. Each barrier could only be broken after one meditates for 1000 years, and then fights for another 1000 years. Nara and Narayan would take turns meditating for 1000 years, while the other would fight with Sahasrakuchi. In this way Lord Nara-Narayan broke 999 barriers. After Narayan broke the 999th, Sahasrakuchi escaped from the battlefield and took the shelter of Suryadev (the sun-god), who explained to Sahasrakuchi the greatness of Narayan.

During the time of the Mahabharat, Sahasrakuchi incarnated as Karna. Appropriately, he was said to be born of Suryadev. Karna decided to once again fight Nara, who incarnated as Arjun. Karna fought with Arjun until he realized that both God and His devotee are divine and cannot be defeated.



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