November 16, 2001

We are ready to cross the year 2057 (Vikram Samvat) and enter the bright future of 2058. Last year is now behind us, then let us not waste our time to go back in the past where we were mistakenly wrong. Rather, let us pray to Swaminarayan Bhagwan and all gunaateeta svaroopas to give us the wisdom where we commit no mistakes.

In Vachanamrut Gadhada Middle 37, Swaminarayan Bhagwan has showed us a master key to remove our prakruti (inherent nature):
1. We must have divine faith in the words of gunaateeta saints who are in a position to give us the best advice.
2. We must love such a divinity and consider the person to be our well wisher.
3. We must not mind if the person tells us some harsh words that may seem painful but are for our better future.

This is the key to get rid of our basic nature. We want to learn to appreciate their efforts to improve our basic nature. However obstinate our nature may be, this is the master key.

Otherwise, in the Gita, Krishna Bhagwan has said in chapter 3, shloka 33, that even the man of knowledge is likely to act according to his natural tendencies. Restraints, as recommended by the scriptures will prove ineffective in this matter. This is the basic nature of creatures.

So, like Guruhari Dadukakaji used to ask us: "The world may not believe this, mankind may not believe this, but do you believe? If yes, then you will be protected by the divine power."

On this auspicious day let us pray again and make a sincere wish that we do not want to be "faithful non-believers" but we want to be bhoolaku (child-like) pure devotees.

Be happy, be happy, be happy - Jay SwamiNarayan to all from Dinkar Uncle, Bapu, Bharatbhai, Vashibhai, and all



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