January 24, 1999
Des Plaines, IL: Parimal's home

In Swami Ni Vato 3/26, Gunatitanand Swami explains, "[The true glory of] satsanga cannot be known. And if one does know it, satsanga cannot be practiced. And if practiced, satsanga cannot be done as it [truly] is. And if practiced as it is, it is very difficult to hold on to it - the person would either loose control or become mad, but he would not able to hold on to it [i.e. keep satsanga constant]." But Gunatitanand Swami states, "Only if one has knowledge of the glory of, along with love for, Maharaj [Lord Swaminarayan] and this great Saint [Gunatitanand Swami], can he hold on to [the satsanga]."



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