April 17, 1999
Mount Prospect, IL: Kalpesh's home

Given in Shrimad Bhagavat 7/1, Jay and Vijay were the gatekeepers to Lord Vishnu's abode. Once, the four Sanakaadiks came to Vaikunthlok and asked Jay and Vijay to let them pass. (Given in Bhagavat 3/12/4, Sanak, Sanand, Sanatan and Sanat-kumar were the first mental creations of Brahma and were highly elevated.) Because they resembled 5-6 year old little boys, the gatekeepers refused to let the Sanakaadiks enter. Thus the four sons cursed Jay and Vijay to fall to earth and take birth in a demon family. The Sanakaadiks then said that Jay and Vijay would only have to take 3 births, but they would be enemies of Lord Vishnu.

Jay and Vijay first took birth as the demon brothers, Hiranyaksh (the younger brother) and Hiranyakashyap. Lord Vishnu incarnated on earth as Varah (the boar incarnation) to destroy Hiranyaksh. Because of this, Hiranyakashyap did not allow anyone in his kingdom to pray to Lord Vishnu. But Hiranyakashyap's own son, Prahlad, became a great devotee after experiencing a potmaker save the lives of some kittens by chanting God's name. Enraged by his impudence, Hiranyakashyap unsuccessfully tried killing his son several times. Finally, Lord Vishnu as Narsinh (half-man, half-lion incarnation) brought about the death of Hiranyakashyap. The death of Holika, Prahlad's aunt is celebrated as Holi.

The subsequent incarnations of Lord Vishnu as Lord Rama and Lord Krishna were progressively more and more powerful, and Jay and Vijay took less powerful births as Ravan and Kumbkaran during Lord Rama's incarnation, and Shishupal and Dantavakra during Lord Krishna's incarnation.

Shishupal was Lord Krishna's cousin; he was to marry Rukmuni, but Lord Krishna carried her away on his chariot. Given in the Mahabharat (book 2, chapter 42) when Shishupal was born, he had four arms and three eyes, but a divine voice predicted he would become normal when placed in the hands of the person that would kill him. When Shishupal was placed on Lord Krishna's lap, the two arms fell off and the third eye went away. But then Lord Krishna promised Shishupal's mother that he would forgive Shishupal 100 times. After Indraprasth was established, Yudhisthir and the Pandavs arranged to have a Rajasuya sacrifice. Given in Bhagavat 10/74, when Sahadeva and all decided that Lord Krishna should have the honor of "first worship," Shishupal became enraged. After insulting Lord Krishna 100 times, Lord Krishna killed Shishupal by releasing his Sudarshan chakra (disc weapon).



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