April 20, 1999
Waukegan Mandira

A devotee asked, "The three main teachers in a person's life are their mother, father, and guru. Of these three, is any one higher than the other?"

When Neelkanth Varni arrived in Loj, he was asked by Sukhanand Swami (a saint of Ramanand Swami), "Who is your guru, and who are your parents?" Given in Swami Ni Vato 10/81, Neelkanth Varni responded with a shloka: "A guru is not a real guru, a mother is not a real mother, and a father is not a real father, if they do not help liberate one from the cycle of birth and death." Thus, the real parents and the real guru are those that attempt to give the child or disciple the training that is necessary to achieve God.



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